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  • electric sloop Smit Giethoorn

  • electric sloop Smit Giethoorn

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  • Rowing boat 5 pers.rent per hour or for a whole day

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Zuideindiger Wiede. in Giethoorn

With a rowing boat you sail from us through the village canal to the southernmost tip of Giethoorn, the idyllic Zuideindiger Wiede. On this shallow lake you can row quietly in the reeds and enjoy what nature has to offer you at this time.

Giethoorn rowing boat

Here you will rarely find a tour boat or large boats. Lots of nesting birds, a colony of gulls and if you’re careful you’ll even see a few deer. In short, a unique quiet place in Giethoorn.

The Zuideindiger Wiede is ideal for casting a fishing rod. You can also enjoy a nice dip or a delicious picnic you brought with you.

Abhishek Sakhuja,

Very good vegetarian and vegan options. Although, i didn’t like the attitude of the waitress or manager, but other than it was a great place to have your food or boat ride. P.S. A smile on the face not only helps to have a good impression, but it can also help with facial muscle exercise.

Yap Hoe BENG,

The river ride was V good the captain was great. The restaurant food was V good except one lady waitress was on the wrong side of bed maybe. She thrown down the menu and wasn’t so nice to us. Maybe she though we were Chinese - we r Singaporean who speak English well and some funny Singlish.


It was my 3rd time with Smit. The experience was good. What I observed this time is that they take advantage of the rush and charge 10 euro extra per hour. They did not charge after I told them I am a repeat customer.

PETER Namtung,

Amazing old age village. River flows into each house, flower and tree bloomsoon. Best visit during summer. Nice village people and boat driving. You can rent a house here.

Niroshan Pathberiya,

Giethoorn is a hamlet in the northeastern Dutch province of Overijssel that is mainly car-free. It's famous for its boat-filled canals, walks, bike routes, and centuries-old thatched-roof cottages. It abuts the Weerribben-Wieden National Park, a marshy region that was historically popular for peat and reed harvesting. Museum Giethoorn 't Olde Maat Uus, located next to the park, is a farm museum that depicts the region's history. The boat riding experience is great in the spring and summer. You can book a boat in advance to ride on your own and test your sailing skills or you can get on the boat tour, sit and relax and enjoy the fellow boaters poor navigation that end them up in trouble (ha haaa..) You also have foods available. All in all, its a good summer experience

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